Carry up to eight shopping bags at once with ease

Our unique new product allows you to carry up to 8 bags, or 60 lbs of groceries with ease!
And the best part? It attaches to your keychain.

Our advantage

The Bagcatcher is foldable and compact. It can easily slip in a pocket, clip on a keychain or virtually anywhere.
Other bag holders on the market are large and cumbersome, and easy to forget at home.
With our product, you will never forget to take it with you. It's always with you whenever you may need it.


• Carry up to eight shopping bags at once
• Can hold up to 60 pounds
• Relieves tension on fingers when carrying bags
• Easily slips in a pocket or clips on a keychain
• Comes with quick release keychain latch
• Less then 3 inches long and 1 ¼ wide
• Folds to minimize its size even more

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